Dr. Sadaf K. Wadhwania 




Dr. Sadaf K. Wadhwania went to UCLA for a degree in psychobiology and graduated from the NYU College of Dentistry.
Dr. Sadaf is pursuing education in all facets of dentistry: from same day crowns, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. She places a strong emphasis on making sure her patients receive the treatment that is right for their individual needs and achieve their desired smile.

Dr Sadaf is a member of the American Dental Association Chicago Dental Society. She gives back to the community through volunteer dentistry.

Dr Sadaf grew up Northern California and moved to Chicago in 2012. She loves drawing, interior design, reading, and spending time with family.
“Dentistry for me is a passion that allows me to mix medicine with art and put a smile on people’s faces. Working with so many unique people every day allows me to be grateful for the opportunity to be in this great profession where I can make a difference in people’s lives”.
Fun facts: You can be brushing too hard by using a medium to hard toothbrush; you should only use a soft or extra soft toothbrush.

Career Highlights