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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a complicated name for just about any procedure to correct issues with the mouth, jaw, neck, and facial structure. This includes everything from removing wisdom teeth to rebuilding the jaw and teeth.

Dental implants are considered a form of oral surgery because placing them involves more than just a little novocaine. Implants are administered under general anesthesia and sometimes require surgical extractions and bone grafting.

The word “surgery” is usually enough to make most people feel anxious. Surgery is associated with pain and recovery, but that’s not typically the case with dental implants. In fact, many patients report feeling little to no pain at all after implants.

An Oral Surgeon’s Role

An oral surgeon is a unique combination of a dentist and medical surgeon. It requires training in both dental and medical school, as well as extensive knowledge about teeth and the muscle and bone surrounding them in your mouth.

Looking for the best oral surgeon Chicago? Well you have come to the right place! Chicago oral surgeons typically have practices that are separate from general dental clinics. However, at 1st Family Dental we have oral surgeons on staff for the convenience of our patients and to ensure the highest level of care and treatment possible.

Your oral surgeon will guide you through every step of the dental implant process and any other treatment that may be needed. The surgeon will also work side by side with your dentist to make sure your mouth heals properly.

We are one big team at 1st Family Dental and we thrive on working together to help our patients achieve healthier, better-looking smiles. How can we help you? Looking for an emergency oral surgeon Chicago? Contact us today!

What Our Patients Say…

At 1st Family Dental, we treat you like family. You can expect to be treated by a team of well-trained, experienced, dental professionals that are here to serve you. Our goal is to restore your smile so you can get back to living and enjoying your life the way you want.

Exemplary Care!

“Thanks to Dr Abboud and his personnel for the exemplary care I received. Before my consultation,Dr. Abboud spoke with my dentist in Poland in order to fully understand the type of implant procedure I had in Poland. This is probably not a required practice for dentists, but Dr. Abboud took the time and for this I am very appreciative.” – Jadwiga T. – Yelp


Friendly & Pleasant!

“The receptionist was really friendly and pleasant. The dentist did a great job with my implant and I’m happy with the result.” – Nastasia T.


“Dr. Adams explained all my options in detail and even repeated the processes to me so that I knew the pros and cons of each decision based on 1st my overall health, and secondly my financial ability. I never felt he was attempting just to sell me a product or service. Dr. Adams is exceptional.” – Michael W. – Yelp

I love the way they look!

“They did a great job. The crown is perfect color and feels great. I love the way they look. So perfect. Definitely recommend Dr. Adams!” – Luz M. – Google

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Chicago Oral Surgery - 1st Family Dental

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