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Same day dental implants Chicago, or “Implant in a Day” as it’s often called, is when a temporary crown is placed directly over an implant on the same day the implant has been placed. This service allows you to go home with a replaced tooth in one day. This is especially useful for anyone that has broken a front tooth and wants to get it replaced before having to explain to all their friends and coworkers how they lost the tooth. Implant in a Day can help save you from some of those awkward conversations because few people will even notice that a tooth was missing in the first place.

Implant in a day is an option for some patients, but depends on what tooth is being replaced and a few other factors that will be considered and discussed with you during your free implant consultation. Implant in a day is usually a great option for patients that are replacing a tooth that was visible (near the front of the mouth). This will save you from having a big black space in your smile while the implant heals and the permanent crown is being crafted.

When it comes to the implant itself, there really is no difference when it comes to same day implants. The primary difference is the temporary crown (also called a “cap”) that sits over the implant and looks like a real tooth while the permanent crown gets created. The permanent crown is usually ready in just a few short weeks.

Is “Implant in a Day” Right For You?

The first step in the implant process is a free consultation. The dentist or oral surgeon will examine your bone structure to determine if dental implants are an option. If needed, additional services such as bone grafting may be available to help build up and strengthen the bone surrounding the implant. Bone loss can increase over time and increases at a higher rate in areas of the jaw that are missing teeth.

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At 1st Family Dental, we treat you like family. You can expect to be treated by a team of well-trained, experienced, dental implant specialists and professionals that are here to serve you. Our goal is to restore your smile so you can get back to living and enjoying your life the way you want.

“Thanks to Dr Abboud and his personnel for the exemplary care I received. Before my consultation,Dr. Abboud spoke with my dentist in Poland in order to fully understand the type of implant procedure I had in Poland. This is probably not a required practice for dentists, but Dr. Abboud took the time and for this I am very appreciative.”

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Same Day Dental Implants - Chicago, IL

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