Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Bone grafting is common in the medical world when bones are missing are not strong enough to heal. At its most basic level, it involves taking bone from one part of the body and moves it to the other.

Your teeth are bones just like any other in your body and can benefit just as much from bone grafting. It is completely safe and much more common than you think.

Why Are Bone Grafts Necessary?

When teeth are missing and not attached to the jaw, the bone is not stimulated and can quickly weaken — so much so that it might not be able to support dental implants when you are ready to have the teeth replaced.

Implants will fail if the jaw cannot support them, so this is an important step to consider. Small bone grafts can be done at the same time as the implants are added, while larger grafts will need to be done in a separate procedure. Either way, we can take care of the bone graft in the office.

Bone grafts come either from your own body or from another person or animal that has been approved and prepared for grafting. Your dentist will determine which of these options will be best for you.

How Bone Grafts Work

Bone grafts typically happen in one of two ways: in the dental socket immediately after the tooth is extracted or through the sinus cavity for areas around the upper jaw.

If you are having a single tooth extracted, the bone graft will likely be applied before the implant. The dentist will make an incision into your gum tissue to expose the bone, secure the bone graft, and then close the incision. All of this is performed under local anesthesia.

For a procedure involving the sinus cavity, the dentist will access it through the implant site or by making another incision through the side of your cheek.

Either way, you’ll receive a temporary crown while you wait for the bone graft to “take” in your mouth before the permanent crown is added on top of the dental implant.

Do You Need a Bone Graft?

1st Family Dental will work with you to determine whether your mouth is strong enough to support a dental implant or implants without a bone graft. If we determine that a graft is needed, we’ll be there with you at every step of the process.

Don’t let the prospect of a bone graft prevent you from seeking the dental treatment you need. All it takes is one quick and painless procedure to be on your way to a rejuvenated smile.

Friendly & Pleasant!

“The receptionist was really friendly and pleasant. The dentist did a great job with my implant and I’m happy with the result.” – Nastasia T.


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