About All On X Dental Implants – Chicago, IL

The “All On X” dental implant treatment involves surgically placing four implants. The implants are used  to support a fixed set of porcelain teeth to maintain your jaw’s structural integrity. The four implants integrate with the jaw to mimic the pressure that would be placed on it by your natural teeth.

The name “All On” comes from the fact that the a set of porcelain teeth are anchored directly on the four implants, rather than needing an implant for each missing tooth. Someone who was previously unable to afford to replace an entire mouth of missing teeth can now restore their smile at a fraction of the cost. It sounds too good to be true, but we’ve helped hundreds of patients do just that thanks to this innovative treatment.

What To Expect with “All on X”

The surgery itself takes about two hours and can be completed entirely in our office under general anesthesia. Because all of the implants are placed at the same time, it is a great option for anyone that isn’t too fond of the dentist and just want to get it all done at once, or has a busy schedule and wants to get the process completed in as few appointments as possible. The general anesthesia allows the patient to completely comfortable during the entire process.

Using traditional implants to replace an entire set of teeth typically requires about 12 implants, bone grafting, and at least six months of healing before your mouth is ready for final teeth. With the All On X dental implants Chicago approach, the implants and temporary teeth are installed at the same time, and permanent porcelain teeth are ready within 4-6 months.

Is “All on X” Right For You?

Our team at any of our 1st Family Dental offices in the city and suburbs of Chicago will work with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for the All On X treatment. We will use X-rays, 3D imaging, and facial scans to design your new smile that will be for the rest of your life.

Interested in the “All On” approach to restore your smile? Use the form on this page to contact us and schedule your free consultation to get more information.


Exemplary Care!

“Thanks to Dr Abboud and his personnel for the exemplary care I received. Before my consultation,Dr. Abboud spoke with my dentist in Poland in order to fully understand the type of implant procedure I had in Poland. This is probably not a required practice for dentists, but Dr. Abboud took the time and for this I am very appreciative.” – Jadwiga T. – Yelp


“I just had a consultation with Dr. Abboud for an implant. From the moment I walked into the reception area I knew this place was something special .Kristin the manager was so cheerful and friendly. The reception area was so beautifully designed with water features, high ceilings, leather couches and chairs and perfect light fixtures. Dr. Abboud came to greet me and gave me a tour on the way the exam rooms. He explained everything to me and didn’t rush. Such a refreshing and modern take on dentistry. I now look forward to having my dentistry done. I give this practice a A++++++++”

Don’t lose your smile over a lost tooth. Book your free consultation to learn more about your tooth replacement options. We discuss treatment options, financial options, scheduling, and more!

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